Thursday June 6th

10:00-12:30 Registration

11:15 Opening Remarks

12:00 Coffee Break

12:30 Panel 1: Confronting the Contemporary
Chair: Katrin Nahidi
12:30 Elahe Helbig (Bonn) & Hannah Jacobi (Berlin): “Way(s) of Art: Challenges of Art Historical Research in Regard to Contemporary Art Production from Iran”
13:00 Szilvia Nagy (Budapest): “Organised Networks: Institutional Transformations, Inclusive Practices and the Field of Art”

13:30 Lunch Break

14:30 Panel 2: Negotiating Borders
Chair: Prof. Dr. Wendy Shaw
14:30 Raul Gschrey (Giessen): “Exhibiting the Border. The Production and Reception of Artworks on Movement and Migration between Africa and Europe”
15:00 Lauren Elizabeth Hanson (Austin/Cologne): “A Global Happening: Artistic Practice and Theories of Communication in the 1960s”
15:30 Stefanie Zobel (Cologne/Berlin): “Exhibitionscapes: Museum Shows of Global Art as Transcultural and Imaginary Spaces”

16:00 Coffee Break

16:15 Panel 3: Curatorial Representation
Chair: Erin Rice
16:15 Irene Campolmi (Aarhus): “Sustainable Development and Sustainability in 21st Century Museums. Rethinking the Modern Experience through the Narratives Making-Process”
16:45 Anja Dreschke & Martin Zillinger (Siegen): “Producing Images, Testing Representation. Trance/Media in Morocco and Europe”
17:15 Steffen Köhn (Mainz): “Organizing Complexities: The Potential of Multi-Screen-Video-Installations for Ethnographic Practice and Representation”

17:45 Coffee Break

18:15 Keynote Ursula Biemann (Zurich): “Videogeographies: Artistic Practice in the Field”
Introduction by Dr. Manuela Rossini (IASH)

19:15 Apéro


Friday June 7th

9:00 Panel 4: Between Reception and Mediation
Chair: Tanja Klankert
9:00 Martin Waldmeier (London): “Addressing Global Audiences: The Artist as Translator?”
9:30 Viola Marchi (Berne): “Radical Otherness and Global Readership: The Native American Author as Mediator”
10:00 John Paul Rangel (New Mexico): “Contemporary Native Art and Indigenous Aesthetics: Methodologies, Epistemologies and Representation”
10:30 Alice Buschmeier (Berlin): “Objection in Participatory Art”

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Panel 5: Global by Design
Chair: Katrin Sperry
11:30 Julia Mia Stirnemann (Berne): “Viewpoints – The World in Perspective”
12:00 Annemarie Bucher & Dominique Lämmli (Zurich): “THE GLOCAL-SET: Clustering Methods to Research the Functions of Art in Global Contexts”
12:30 “ART & SCIENCE: Visual Essays as a Way of Crossing Borders”

13:00 Lunch Break

14:00 Keynote Prof. Dr. Arnd Schneider (Oslo): “For a New Hermeneutics in the Art – Anthropology Encounter”
Introduction by Prof. Dr. Thomas Claviez (CCS)

15:30 Coffee Break

15:45 Panel 6: Bridging Practices
Chair: Louisa Piart
15:45 Vera Kaufmann (Berne): “Understanding by Looking and Listening in Layers. An Interactive-Reflexive Approach in Media-Based Anthropology”
16:15 Fiona Siegenthaler (Basel): “Towards an Ethnographic Turn in Contemporary Art Scholarship”
16:45 Rik Adriaans (Budapest): “The Fieldwork of Cultural Production: Montage as Method in the Ethnography of Image-Producing Industries”
17:15 Fiamma Montezemolo (Berkeley): “TRACES”

18:15 Barbecue at SUB House


Saturday June 8th

10:00 Panel 7: New Media
Chair: Benjamin Eugster
10:00 Anne van Dam (Leiden): “New Media and the Crossing of New Borders”
10:30 Linda Kröger (Berlin): “Facebook, Blogs, Local Space: Kinshasa’s Artist Collectives and their Medial Distribution Strategies”

11:00 Coffee Break

11:15 Panel 8: Public Display
Chair: Kate Whitebread
11:15 Heike Derwanz (Hamburg): “Researching Dying Artworks of Anonymous Artists in a Global Stream of Images. The Toolkit of Contemporary Global Art Research”
11:45 Olena Martynyuk (New Jersey): “Art and Statehood: Ukrainian Artists in Moscow in Late Soviet Union”
12:15 Nadine Siegert & Sam Hopkins (Bayreuth): “Mashing Up the Archive – Remix and Tumult at the Iwalewa House”

12:45 Lunch Break

13:45 Panel 9: Identity Politics
Chair: Corinne Geering
13:45 Lilia Mironov (Berne): “Identity and the Airport”
14:15 Marco Hompes (Karlsruhe): “Politics as Export Hit. The West European View on Russian Artists as Symbolic Demarcation”
14:45 Lucia Vodanovic (London): “Mediation and Agency in Art’s After-Life”

15:15 Closing Remarks

16:00 Official End of Conference


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